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What Fellows Have Said


Here's a selection of quotes from recent Clore Fellows who completed the programme.

I finish this year with improved skills and much more confidence in myself. I feel able now to take risks and try new things, and I’ve seen first-hand what it is possible to achieve. I’m ready to ditch long-held self-limiting beliefs and really do things differently.

Ellen West, Royal Opera House, Clore Fellow 15/16

The programme is truly an eye opening experience that changed the trajectory of my leadership journey in many aspects and is going to have a positive, strong and lasting impact for many years to come in my professional life.

Alex Tam, Hong, Centre for Research and Development in Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Clore Fellow 15/16

Perhaps the greatest impact for me has been in confidence, confidence in my own abilities professionally. I no longer worry about the things I used to. It feels extremely liberating. I have learnt to be quieter and listen more.

Ellie Collier, Clore Fellow 15/16

I have a much clearer sense of why I have done the things that I have done so far, in the way that I have done them. I have begun to find a language within which to describe what I do, what my values are and to be able to use this experience to think more deeply about them.

Bill Campbell, Islington Mill, Clore Fellow 15/16

More clearly than before, I understand that leadership is not a role or a position. Its much bigger than that: it’s a behavior, a way of being. Leadership is to act consciously to help a group of individuals to achieve their common purpose. Beyond a natural skillset, leadership can be shaped through learning new skills and improving existing ones.

Eduardo Fraga, Clore Chevening Fellow, 15/16

It was the most amazing and riveting experience in my working career. It has changed how I view the world and my place within it.

Ade Adeluwoye, BBC Clore Fellow, 15/16

More than anything Clore has boosted my confidence, self-worth as a professional, determination and resilience.

Nelson Abbey, BBC Clore Fellow, 15/16



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