Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme



Leadership Development Philosophy and Approach


By focusing on developing the individual, we develop unique, resilient leaders who are more deeply connected to their strengths, their peers, and to the sector and its place in society.

Leadership Development Philosophy

  • The Clore Fellowship is designed to enhance the attributes of existing leaders at a pivotal point in their career.
  • By focussing on core strengths and competencies we develop resilient leaders who are more deeply connected to themselves, their peers, to the sector and its place in society.
  • We recognise the many routes to leadership and the dynamic and diverse styles of leadership that each bring success. There is no single template for leadership.
  • Leaders are defined by their values and behaviour, decisions and actions.
  • Leaders are change-makers. They look forwards and are not content with maintaining the status quo.


  • The Fellowship is a learnt not a taught programme, it is experiential and grounded in practice. 
  • You will learn from a diverse peer group and have access to highly experienced leaders from across and outside of the cultural sector.
  • Lifelong learning is key to leadership. You will be encouraged to cultivate a practice of regular debate and reflection, enquiry and action. 
  • You will be supported to identify your strengths, your values and areas for development, building upon your own way of leading currently and developing your leadership style.
  • We will ensure that the learning environment and your wellbeing is considered throughout your Fellowship. We will create a safe, open and inclusive working environment, in the choice of our venues and through the experience of our facilitators, mentors and coaches. 

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