Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

From holding the rein to flying free

Alex Murdoch talks about her journey to blue skies and Birdhouses with the Clore Short Course

Alex Murdoch
Alex Murdoch

For me the Clore short course kick-started an unimaginable process of change.  The most empowering discovery was that leadership is about enabling others.  I was holding the reins too tightly in my theatre company.  Now I’ve developed a shared leadership model which has enabled me to reignite my independent career.

As an independent practitioner it’s easy to feel isolated.  Now #Clore27 are my rock — we meet regularly through action learning and have organised retreats.  I feel more connected, find networking easier and feel more confident in challenging sector values.  Clore has raised my game.

Inspired by this experience, I’ve developed a project called Birdhouse.  It’s a support framework for independent female theatre makers.  I hosted an Open Space event with Improbable Theatre where we asked the theatre mavericks, “Is your creative freedom enough to sustain you?”

Since then Birdhouse days have included workshops on communication, coaching and setting goals — areas on the training itinerary of most funded institutions, but rarely accessible to independent practitioners.  My favourite Birdhouse idea is that everyone shares something they’re expert at for 20 minutes.  It’s enlightening when you see women discovering that they can be their own best resource; and that real change can start from taking that one courageous step forward.


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