Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Clore Alumni Invited to host a Clore Open Event

Whenever you get an opportunity do you believe in paying it forward? Was Clore a transformative experience for you? Would you like to be more involved in the Clore community?

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9 January 2018

Many of you already act as Clore ambassadors informally - by spreading the word about Fellowships and Courses to exceptional friends and colleagues you think would benefit from the experience you had. Let’s take it a step further.

We invite you to host a Clore Open event in your local community in January 2018. Applications for Clore Fellowships 2018-19 are now open and applications for Short Courses and Emerging Leaders will follow shortly in the spring.

A Clore Open is a free and informal event lasting a couplpe of hours where those interested in Clore or in cultural leadership can get their questions answered from the source- people who’ve completed the programmes and staff who deliver it and select participants. They can see if it is the right fit for them and meet interesting, likeminded arts and culture leaders in their area.

Clore Fellow Amelia Ideh and a few of the Clore 11 cohort initiated such an evening for some of their contacts in 2014 at the Book Club bar in east London. It was a fun and relaxed event lasting a few hours full of fascinating people. We met future Clore 12 Fellows Nasheed Farooqi and Peter Todd that night who might not have found their way to Clore otherwise. Last year the alumni hosted a events in Dublin, Exeter, Manchester, Great Yarmouth and London.

What You Have to Provide

  • Tell us where and when you’d like to host a Clore Open Morning/Afternoon/Evening.
  • Find a venue for us to meet: perhaps you have access to a creative space or a friendly local pub or café? You don’t have to provide any tech or catering unless you wish to - people can buy their own drinks.
  • Invite people you think have amazing leadership potential or are interested applying for a Clore programme – most importantly reach out to the unsung heroes -those who might not think this experience is for them or might not hear of it otherwise (could be 5 people or 50).
  • Decide on a structure and turn up on the day/night to chat about your experience, answer questions and provide some light facilitation.

What We Will Provide

  • A member of the Clore team to join the event (subject to availability) and answer any questions about our approach, the programmes and about applying.
  • We’ll put you in touch with other Clore alumni in the area so you can join forces and there’s no duplication of events in one area.
  • Ideas on how to structure the event if you are struggling.
  • Some written material about our programme.

We’re particularly looking for Clore Ambassadors to help us encourage more applications from leaders based in the following areas that are currently underrepresented: East of England, the Midlands, the South West and the North West? We would also love to see an Open Day in Scotland.

Interested? Fill out this simple form to let us know.


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