Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Shifting perspectives by Paul Grist

Paul Grist attended a Short Course in 2013.  Here are his reflections on how it's changed his approach to leadership. 

Paul Grist
Paul Grist

Despite having been warned against it, I was secretly expecting some kind of overnight transformation at the end of my Clore Short Course – a ‘leadership epiphany’.  The return to work was a challenge and for a while it felt as though nothing had changed.  However, the results have been much more subtle; more gradual and far greater than I could have envisaged. 

Over time I’ve begun to notice a profound shift in my perspective, attitude and approach.   The course has led me to a sense of maturity – an acknowledgement of my experience, a confidence in my own skills and an appreciation of my weaknesses, but most importantly it has allowed me to develop an authentic style of leadership; far more rewarding and effective than the prescriptive management training that I’d experienced in the past.  As a result I find that my working relationships are stronger and more productive than ever, that I’m working more effectively, and that I’m much more motivated.   I also now find myself operating from a much more considered and strategic standpoint.

Aside from the practical skills and the improvement in my leadership skills, Clore has left me with a comprehensive set of resources and references; not least a fantastic network of supportive peers.  But most of all, it’s fired my imagination and inspired me to continue my leadership journey.


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