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Structure and Content of Emerging Leaders


 “I could not recommend the Clore Emerging Leaders Course enough.  The course was packed full of facilitated sessions and talks by some truly inspiring people.  I made some fantastic connections and friends and took away so much that I feel I can not only apply to my work but also to life in general.”  Emerging Leaders participant


Course Content

As with all our programmes Clore Emerging Leaders blends experiential learning with more formal talks from experts and leaders in the sector.  Skilled and thoughtful facilitation throughout the course supports participants’ learning.


Course content is divided into three main areas:


  • Your Leadership Style

Workshops on Leading Yourself and Others and Inclusive Leadership will help participants to build an understanding of leadership styles and explore the value of difference.


  • The Business of Leadership

A solid grounding in business skills is essential for cultural leaders today.  The course helps you get started by providing sessions on Financial Management and Business Planning.   


  • Leading Others

Communication skills, the ability to influence others and advocate successfully are covered on the course with lots of opportunity to practise. 


We understand that people learn in different ways and the course design reflects this. It blends practical skills and tools, real-life examples and individual and group learning.  There are also opportunities to listen to cultural leaders talk about their experiences of leadership, and what they have learned along the way. Sharing and learning from each other is strongly encouraged.


In addition to the training offered on the residential, participants have the opportunity to join a mentoring programme designed to offer further support once the course has finished. 


Our Approach to Leadership Development

Leaders are change-makers.  They look forwards and are not content with maintaining the status quo.  By focussing on developing the individual, we develop unique, resilient leaders who are more deeply connected to their strengths, their peers, and to the sector and its place in society. There is no single one size fits all template for leading and leadership and we recognise that there are many different successful styles of leadership developed in a myriad of ways.

  •          Participants learn from a diverse peer group and from the highly experienced leaders and trainers from across and beyond the cultural sector;
  •          Our values of excellence, inclusivity and learning are at the core of our approach;
  •          Life-long learning is key to self-leadership.  You will be encouraged to cultivate a practice of regular debate and reflection, enquiry and action;
  •          You will be supported to identify your strengths, your values and areas for further development, building upon your own way of leading currently and developing your capacity to lead well;
  •          We will ensure that the learning environment and your wellbeing is considered throughout your course.  We will create a safe, open and inclusive working space through the experience of our diverse cohort of facilitators, trainers, coaches and through our choice of venues.



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