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What participants say about the Emerging Leaders Course


Without a doubt the Clore course was the best training I have ever received - and I have undertaken two University degrees! The week made me realise that workshop facilitation and teaching is a delicate artform, and one which I would love to explore in my own practice in the future. Bev and Amanda were safety nets which were at once invisible and yet very present, and I was really appreciative of their input throughout the week.

I'll be honest in saying that I have yet to fully reflect and take stock of what I learned, but even now I can say that I am changed from my experience, and that my learning will impact on my practice for years to come. 
Sarah Wilson, Independent producer and arts marketer


A totally life changing experience, brilliantly put together, organised, coordinated, and the most inspiring and experienced speakers and facilitators. Bev and Amanda were simply wonderful – real positive role models and ambassadors for Clore. Thank you for this opportunity, for exciting me to make positive change and lead with confidence.
Elaine Macey, Artistic Director, 4Motion Dance Theatre


The Clore Emerging Leaders course was simply an amazing experience and professionally one of the best things I have done. During the intense week of expert speakers and workshops which were perfectly programmed, we covered all manners of areas. Not only did I develop vital leadership skills and confidence, I also discovered much about myself and how I work. Crucially, I was also introduced to a fantastic network of peers who continue to support each other on a regular basis. When I took part in Clore, I was unsure of the direction I should be going professionally but it helped give me clarity and I am absolutely confident in saying that I would not be in the position I am in now if I had not taken part in Clore. The week was absolutely fantastic but the support I have received afterwards has been and continues to be second to none. I cannot recommend it enough. 
Lizzie Stallybrass, Individual Giving Manager, Almeida Theatre


“I could not recommend the Clore Emerging Leaders Course enough.  The course over just 5 days was packed full of facilitated sessions and talks by some truly inspiring people.  I made some fantastic connections and friends and took away so much that I feel I can not only apply to my work but also to life in general.  The follow up has also been fantastic having been assigned a mentor and I’ve been so impressed that several of our facilitators have offered to meet up and carry on discussions from the course should we want to.  The group of people on the course have formed a support network and we’ve since been advising and encouraging each other on a number of things which has been fantastic. I feel more focused and ambitious than ever!”
Nicki Wenham, Artist Manager, Ingpen & Williams Limited


The Emerging Leaders Course is life-changing!  It challenges you at your very core and empowers you to make significant changes.  The metaphor I keep returning to is that if I were made from lego pieces, Clore has empowered me to deconstruct myself, removing essential bricks and given me the tools and confidence to rebuild myself – often with potentially risky but better bricks.  I know that the process of rebuilding will be a lifetime commitment, and at times might falter, but the Clore support structure and deep learning from the course will ensure that I will succeed and be a better person and a better leader because of it.
Eleanor Pulfer, Curator, Slough Museum


The Emerging Leaders Course gave me one week of pure focus on myself, my ambitions and my career – which is a very rare and very valuable opportunity.  The most useful parts of the course for me, was firstly the chance to extend my networks with a group of incredibly talented people working across the sector and build meaningful relationships with these people due to the residential nature of the course.  Secondly, and equally importantly, it gave me the opportunity to  reflect and learn about the value of self-awareness, and explore myself and the perceptions of myself on a much deeper level, which has been invaluable in meetings, interviews and presentation since the course.

Taking part in the Clore Emerging Leaders course has had a significant impact on me, both professionally and personally. It boosted my confidence in my own abilities as a leader and left me reinvigorated and inspired. Most usefully the post-course mentoring provided an excellent opportunity to keep reflecting on what I learned and how I was integrating it into my career and my life more widely. I would advise anyone taking the course in the future to approach it with an open mind. It’s intense and not everything will make sense in the moment. But don’t forget the fantastic knowledge and experience that exists with your fellow participants, they really are a wonderful support network. And make fantastic friends!
Simon Bedford, Producer, HoiPolloi


The week I spent on the Clore Emerging Leaders course was one of those rare times in your life where you are truly able to escape from the day to day and think! But rather than sitting and musing on your own thoughts, you are constantly inspired, challenged and supported at every turn by an incredible series of presenters and, most importantly, by a peer group of other emerging leaders. The ethos created by the Clore Fellows and staff facilitating the course supports you to define your own questions and find you own answers and I came out the other side of the course, not as a different person, but with a greater knowledge of and confidence in myself.

Following the course I have been able to continue my journey through regular meetings with my Clore Mentor and these have allowed me to keep sight of and develop the insights I gained through the course and apply them to specific challenges as they arise. The hardest thing has been holding on to the clarity I gained through the Emerging Leaders course but the mentoring programme has been invaluable in helping me to do this now I'm back in the "real world".
Cath Sewell, Education & Training Manager, Drake Music Scotland


The Emerging Leaders course from the Clore leadership Programme demystified Cultural leadership, preparing the leaders with essential information and training, developing our frame of mind, giving us confidence and pushing forward our management skills. It is also a great opportunity to network and exchange experiences with other young leaders, creating a reference for our opinions and creating opportunity to discuss solutions. The course was enormously motivating and inspiring, letting us feel supported and moving forward to the leadership journey. I have used a lot of the techniques of relationship and management I refreshed in the course, making me change my social situation at my work, leading to quitting to concentrate on my own venture. 

It is important however, to come to the course knowing the intention, and what do you want from it. So like this you can concentrate in the areas that are relevant to your career development, making it easier to relate to your mentor, with specific goals. 
Alicia Bastos, Founder/Director, Braziliality


The individual sessions on this course have all been enormously useful on a practical level in my work; the most valuable aspect of the experience for me was how they all come together to provide the space and the tools to really take stock of my career so far. It allowed me to remind myself of my priorities, decide the kind of person I want to be in my working life, and to go back into my work with a renewed and much clearer sense of purpose.
Sophie Shaw, Visitor and Interpretation Manager, Charleston Farmhouse 


I attended the Clore Emerging Leaders Course at Missenden Abbey in March 2012, and the impact the week has had on my work, outlook and confidence in leadership situations has been immeasurable. I gained perspective on the type of leader I am, how to manage teams and projects confidently and with clear vision, and how to manage people and relationships at work; amongst many other things that have affected me without me knowing, and have had an impact on how I operate professionally.

The quality of sessions and speakers, the contacts and networks I made and the intense learning experience involved are all second to none and the experience and outlook I gained on this course will stay with me throughout my experience as a leader at every level.

It’s good to have an idea of what you want to get out of the course before you attend (as well as keeping an open mind throughout!) so you can really focus in on the areas you want to develop in order to get the most out of this amazing life and career experience.
Kate Farrell, Curator (Special Exhibitions), The Lowry


The Clore Emerging Leaders course enabled me to pause, think, challenge and reflect; this in itself was difficult at times but the rewards and positive changes in myself are still becoming apparent now even 6 months later. I am more confident in my own abilities, striving to build on my strengths as well as identify and work on those things that come less naturally to me. The course helped me to re-evaluate my thoughts on what leadership is and I felt inspired and spurred on to reach the true potential of my own leadership.  The chance to be matched up with a mentor has been hugely useful to me and has helped me to continue my learning that started during the week residential course. I feel like this is the beginning of my learning as the ideas and tools that I absorbed and people that I met on the Clore Emerging Leaders course continue to play a part in my professional role and thinking about the future.
Kate Hodson, Education Officer, Royal Opera House


The Clore Emerging Leaders course provides a great opportunity to meet and connect with a group of bright, dynamic and ambitious cultural leaders from different regions and sectors. If your immediate work environment and network is beginning to feel a little small this is the perfect place to widen that group and get a wider perspective on the work that you do now, and want to do in the future. The sessions are diverse, intense and high quality. The course has provided me with a strong national network of contacts (and friends!), and kicked my career on to the next level. 
Tom Higham, Administrative Director, Wunderbar Festival




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